Vision & Value


To become a leading language institute in Ohio by setting the standards of excellence in unique curriculum design and promoting cross-cultural understanding



a message from our Director:


The value of Main Street Schoolhouse comes from an understanding of what we represent and the vision is how we see and carry out our God-given mission. I can explain it like this: We are the Amazon River.  This great river, going through the valuable rainforest, is home to “Encantado,” a pink dolphin unique to the Amazon.  The Amazon River is life sustaining to that unique creature that swims in its waters. Imagine the Main Street Schoolhouse like the Amazon River, sustaining the uniqueness of the people within its doors.  The world’s eyes are on the rainforest and the Amazon River because of the need and value to the world. The world wants to protect it and conserve it for future generations.  In the same way, we must protect our uniqueness from outsiders who want to change and destroy our mission. Like the Amazon, our resources are now used by the world.  Our “river” is powerful, and life-changing to an ever-increasing global student body.  The new school logo coined in 2014, “From Main Street to the World,” has come to pass. Our “river” is constantly moving, and is available to all.

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