Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute is a unique multicultural school that prepares post-graduate international students to attain English skills in small interactive classes to continue their professional goals in U.S. Universities or to excel in their career choice, and provides activities and services that promote friendship and cultural transition.

International Advising


Guidance Counseling



Master in professional counseling

Bachelor in Liberal Arts/Psychology

20+ years of experience

Free services to Students!




Confidentiality. MSS Counseling Service keeps medical records in accordance with professional, legal, and ethical guidelines. No one will have access to records unless the patient releases them in writing. They will not become part of the student’s academic file, and even the fact that the patient has come to counseling will not be divulged to anyone without the patient’s permission.

The patient’s sessions will never be recorded without the patient’s written consent.

An exception to confidentiality would be a situation in which the patient was assessed to be a danger to themselves or others, were required by law. Even in these cases, the patient would be informed if possible and no more information than necessary would be released.

Number of Visits. The number of visits is determined by the life counselor.

Payment for Services. MSS Counseling Services is FREE of charge to the students or staff.

To request an appointment with our Life Counselor Alicia Roberson:


International Student Advisors have an average of 5 appointment times (30-minute each) available every day.

Students can also request an hour-long (60 minutes) appointment for difficult, complicated questions. All appointments take place at MSS Language Institute in the Director’s Office. Call 513-868-0999, email, or visit the school at the welcome desk to make an appointment.

Walk-in Hours for a short advising meeting (less than 10 minutes) from hours (what time?), from Tuesday through Friday. Students may be referred to an appointment if their questions or issues are complex and cannot be resolved within a 10 minute meeting.

General Inquires. For general questions about their F-1 student status, or 1-20 , the students may e-mail an advisor at  or

An advisor will respond within 72 hours.

MSS Advisors are the best resource for specific information on F-1 visa requirements, but not on other immigration topics. In those instances, MSS helps by referring students to local  well-known immigration lawyers.

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