“I created this school to educate people from all walks of life, the rich and the poor.  I am dedicated to providing the best education for the lowest price, with the intention of making it feasible for every person to learn the English language as the first step in surviving in the United States, and going forward in their career development.  Therefore, here at Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute, students will experience a warm, friendly school that is processing and following national accreditation standards, all at an incredibly low price.”

Karen M. Cocina


Progressive English and Academic Programs Tuition and Fees

Monthly tuition is $300 per month, payable on the first day of the month.

Total for the year equals $3600.

Transfer/Registration fee for new students is $100.

Technology fee is $50 a year.

Additional book fee may apply.

Bridge Program Tuition and Fees

First 3-month session: $1200 + Registration Fee ($100) + Technology Fee ($50)

Second 3-month session:  $1200 only

Other Fees

School Housing ranges from $325 to $450 per month plus $50 last day cleaning fee

Temporary housing by the day ($20) or by the week ($75)

Student Health Insurance is optional.  See Health Insurance for International Students page.

Fed Ex and Express Mail fees may vary. Please check Fed Ex fee page.

SEVIS Application Forms

Form I-20 initial application for F-1 Visa costs $200.

Form I-539 application form Change of Status costs $370.

Change of status applicants need to pay for both of the above forms, or $570 plus the Main Street Schoolhouse processing fee of $100.

Students will sign a Financial Agreement on registration day, as a reminder to keep current on monthly tuition, which is a requirement for maintaining the student’s I-20 financial status.

Payment methods

  • On-line

Pay on this website with a bank card.

  • In person

Pay with cash or card, or personal check at MSS Administrative Office

  • By mail

Send a check or Money Order to MSS address: 200 North F St, Hamilton, OH 45013

  • International bank transfers

Call MSS administrative office to get information.

Financial Proof Requirement

New student needs to provide a document to show he has funds to pay for the school session and living expenses (usually 1 year, or by the month) on the I-20.

Refund Policies

  • The application fees are non-refundable.
  • There is no refund for the first session (first month) but any advanced sessions will be refunded if the student has withdrawn or otherwise unable to attend.
  • The refund due date is 30 days after the Refund Request is received and approved.
  • There will be no refund for absences due to weather or other absences.
  • The SEVIS fees are paid to the government, so they cannot be refunded.


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