TOEFL prepare class (TBA)

Our unique post-grad program is designed to help you be successful in your next step of higher education—the MA and PhD.  This program was designed to fill the need of post-grad students to pass the university admission requirements.  You will be in a class of professional students like yourself, led by a teacher who is a graduate of the School of International Training, a famous college that specializes in producing English teachers of the highest quality.

You will have the option of studying for the TOEFL test or the GRE test in small, personalized classes.  Our school is open 12 hours daily, so you will have a lot of study and practice time.  In addition, you are invited to stay in our school housing, located in Hamilton’s Historical District, fully furnished and ready to move in.

This class helps the students to prepare for the TOEFL test through grammar, vocabulary, conversation and model tests.


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