Progressive English


Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute is a unique multicultural school that prepares post-graduate international students to attain English skills in small interactive classes to continue their professional goals in U.S. Universities or to excel in their career choice, and provides activities and services that promote friendship and cultural transition.

MSS’s own language curriculum, consisting of 10 topic booklets that guide the student to explore each topic deeper and expand vocabulary, writing, and conversation skills. 4 hours per day.

Living Expenses


Rent may vary, because some students live with relatives at no cost, or they can find a roommate and share the cost. A small apartment for one person might be $400, and larger apartment might be $750, which could be share with one or two roomates.

Main Street Schoolhouse offers private rooms and share rooms for students with furniture (private room form  $300 to $400 and shared room $200).

Food cost depend on whether you will cook, eat at home with family, or eat at restaurants a lot.

Transportation or gas cost depend on whether you want to live close to Main Street Schoolhouse, or farther away near Cincinnati.

Other cost should include extra for entertainment, car expense, emergency, or sickness.

Important Information: If you are going to pay for everything yourself, be sure you have the estimated payment in your bank account plus extra.  For example, if the estimated cost is $7,500, try to have $10,000 or more in your bank account.



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