Progressive English Program

Our Mission

Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute is a unique multicultural school that prepares post-graduate international students to attain English skills in small interactive classes to continue their professional goals in U.S. Universities or to excel in their career choice, and provides activities and services that promote friendship and cultural transition.


Progressive English – Foundations for English communication, a 10-book series

Progressive English Program Description

Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute has its own ESL curriculum, Progressive English. It is a series of books based on different topics understood to be the basis for language learners.  Each booklet begins with the “survival level” ESL vocabulary and accompanying grammar and conversation; then it takes the student into the wider array of vocabulary on the same topic.  The Progressive English Program consists of a teaching Block that has a Progressive English text and support classes such as Reading Lab and Conversation.

The Progressive English book numbers refer to “competency topics” generally taught in all language courses, not ESL levels. There is a “progressive” study, Beginners to Advanced, for each competency in the series.

Suggested time: One Progressive English book per quarter.

Hours and Length of Program

The Progressive English class is taught

Developing English Fluency – Support classes

  • Reading Lab – 9 Levels –This class is POSTPONED–
  • Conversation
  • Read and Spell
  • Write with Verbs and Modals
  • E-learning Support:
    • Progressive English Vocabulary
    • Reading Lab –This class is POSTPONED–
    • Read & Spell 1,2,3,4

Admission and Tuition Information

For Admission information please refer to Admission Page.

For Program Cost information please check Tuition Page.

Hours and Length of Program

The Progressive English class is taught in conjunction with 2 support classes in a teaching “Block” which equals 18 hours total per week, for each quarter. Students study a different Pro E book each quarter, and normally, they remain in one ESL level for 2 quarters. See the chart below to better understand how a student can progress from one ESL level to the next, and finish Pro E in 6 quarters. Thus, the normal maximum length of Progressive English Program for a college bound student is 6 quarters (1,5 years). Considering that students are allowed to retake each course 1 time, the extended maximum length of the Program for Pro. E  students is 12 quarters (3 years). The maximum time for Pro E students to remain in one ESL level is 4 quarters (1 year).

Progressive English Progression Chart 

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