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Our Mission

Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute is a unique multicultural school that prepares post-graduate international students to attain English skills in small interactive classes to continue their professional goals in U.S. Universities or to excel in their career choice, and provides activities and services that promote friendship and cultural transition.


Progressive English General Description and Objective

Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute has its own ESL curriculum, Progressive English or “inglés progresivo.” It is a series of 12 books based on different topics understood to be the basis for language learners.  Each booklet begins with the “survival level” ESL vocabulary and accompanying grammar and conversation; then it takes the student into the wider array of vocabulary on the same topic.  Some English programs hold the students into the “survival level” English for an extended time.  Other ESL students may have been placed in an advanced level class but they exhibit “holes” (or gaps) in their earlier language learning. This program is to prevent that from happening. This curriculum was developed for

  • The multiple-level English class, meaning a class of students at various levels in the language acquisition
  • A student who is not a pure beginner but who needs to strengthen his level one skills before progressing on to the advanced levels
  • A student who is a beginner who can begin with the “survival level” ESL at the beginning of the text, and progress on to the deeper knowledge of the topic.

Progressive English – 10 Book Series

Suggested time: One Progressive English book per quater.

Foundation for English Communication: Progressive English, 10 Level

Developing English Fluency

1.1 Main Street First Things 1

1.2 Main Street Food 11.3 Main Street Houses 11.4 Main Street Clothing 11.5 Main Street Body and Health 1

Main Street Illustrator Version

Main Street Illustrator Version

Main Street Illustrator Version

Main Street Illustrator VersionMain Street Illustrator Version



We offer a variety of classes to get students ready for college, including math, grammar, writing and COMPAS practice test. These courses are free to MSS graduates!

  1. Academic writing I
  2. Academic writing II
  3. IELTS test preparation
  4. TOELF test preparation
  5. GRE test preparation
  6. Content area ESL

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Career Preparation

  1. Medical exams (online)
  2. Arts – preparation, concerts, auditions, exhibists, videos.
  3. Portfolio


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