Our Founder


Our Founder

About our Director and Founder:  Karen M. Cocina

Helping people through education has been her lifelong calling.  Karen began her personal mission in her home town of Hamilton in an upstairs Main Street shop–helping people of all ages develop reading, math, ESL and Spanish skills. Then she created a special adult high school because these people were being neglected, and a private school for children and youth who needed alternative education. Seeing the many lives changed because of her effort and dedication to teaching the young and the old from all walks of life has been a rewarding experience, impossible to measure.

Later in her life, Karen became aware of the huge world community that was flowing into the US for education in our colleges and universities, like a never-ending river.  Following her heart and teaching mission, in August of 2015, she applied to the State of Ohio to register the name of her new world school: Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute, LLC.  Within its doors is an abounding cultural diversity of faculty, administrative staff, and students, working and mingling together, teaching and learning English in a friendly, home-like school.  Her Main Street Schoolhouse has changed its motto to express “From Main Street to the world,” because that is what has come to pass.


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